Committees in the Minnesota District plan and carry out various areas of ministry as they support the work of God’s kingdom. Current Committee membership can be viewed at the WELS yearbook Following are the various committees in the MN District:
Adult Discipleship
Adult Discipleship exists to assist congregations and called workers in developing lifelong learners from amongst themselves. Learners who are imitators of their Savior. The committee provides and promotes tools for spiritual growth through Bible studies and other resources. These tools equip us for Christian living and giving, mutual encouragement, and for training spiritual leaders.

The Committee on Evangelism exists to assist congregations to seize every opportunity the Lord provides to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to develop and promote evangelism resources that faithfully proclaim the truth of Scripture; to promote evangelism attitudes, structures, and programs consistent with Christian doctrine and the situation into which God has called a church, its pastors, and its people; and to promote the “equipping of the saints” for organized congregational evangelism and individual Christian witness.

Ministry of Christian Giving
The Ministry of Christian Giving encourages members to excel in the grace of giving (2 Corinthians 8:7) and assists them in making planned gifts to support the gospel ministry of their congregations, synod, and WELS agencies.

Special Ministries
Special Ministries encourages, assists, and trains believers to minister to people with special needs. Special Ministries serves people and congregations in 8 areas of special need: mental health, visual impairment and blindness, deafness and hard of hearing, civilian chaplaincy to military personnel, care of called workers, health and wellness (hospital, nursing home, ministry to/with aging , parish nursing, etc.), prison and jail ministry and special education.

Worship is the heart of all parish life, the time when the greatest number of members gathers to proclaim the good news and receive God’s life-giving power in Word and Sacrament. It is the voice of the Church that is heard when we sing and pray together. May these resources help congregations in their worship that glorifies God and strengthens His people.

Youth and Family Ministry
Perspective recognizes that youth have points of view, opinions, ideas, and dreams from which the church can learn. Potential recognizes that youth have abilities, talents, attitudes, and energy through which the church can benefit. Place recognizes that youth must be valued, included, empowered, and engaged in ministry, making themselves and the church whole.

Youth and Family Ministry’s God-given responsibility is vast and its calling vital, especially during these changing and uncertain times. It is also a calling filled with tremendous opportunities and fueled by the promises of a gracious God.