Acts 6 - The Choosing of the Seven

Nominating Committee

“Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them…” Acts 6:3

The Nominating Committee is tasked with identifying those with various gifts and abilities to serve in the many different ministries of our Minnesota District. The committee consists of a Chairman and two representatives from each conference in the District.

Chairman: Rev. Henry T. Koch (18)

Crow River Conference:
Rev. Donald G. Main (16)
Rev. Paul H. Marggraf (18)

Mankato Conference:
Rev. Keith J. Bilitz (18)
Rev. John H. Meyer VI (16)

Minnesota River Valley Conference:
Rev. Michael J. Berg (16)
Rev. Scott A. Muske (18)

Red Wing Conference:
Rev. James M. Hein (16)
Rev. Brian A. Semrow (18)

Saint Croix Conference:
Rev. Jeffrey S. Mittelstadt (16)
Rev. Jason J. Thiel (18)

Southern Conference:
Rev. Edwin A. Lehmann (16)
Rev. Roger L. Neumann (18)

The document below is a working document as the committee prepares a slate of candidates for the next biennium.