Committee Assignments

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Annual Committee Assignments

Each school in the Minnesota District has been assigned to certain committees. This is to make lighter the work that needs to be done in preparation for each conference. The amount of time asked to serve on these committees is minimal and may not even require your entire staff. It is the duty of the principal to make sure that the task is covered and completed.

Nominations/Elections: Make phone calls to individuals to be placed on the election ballot. The conference chair will supply a list of necessary positions to the principal. Make phone calls during August and September to secure nominees. Develop the ballot. Distribute, collect, and tally the ballots at the conference. Pass the names of the elected on to the conference chair to be announced to the assembly by the Thursday afternoon business meeting.
Resolutions: Stemming from conference presentations and discussions create resolutions to be voted on by the assembly during the last business meeting on Friday. These will need to be presented to the assembly by this committee verbally and in written form. You will receive a disk on which to save this report from one of the officers.
Auditing: Meet with the conference secretary during the conference to review the income and expenses, balancing the checkbook. Report your findings to the conference at the Friday business meeting.

For the October 15-16, 2015 MNDTC at Bethany Lutheran College:

  •  Nominations – St. James
  • Resolutions – St. Louis Park
  • Auditing – St. Paul

For the October 20-21, 2016 Metro area MNDTC:

  •  Nominations – St. Paul Park
  • Resolutions – St. Peter
  • Auditing – Sauk Rapids

For the October 19-20, 2017 MNDTC at Martin Luther College:

  •  Nominations – Stillwater
  • Resolutions – West St. Paul
  • Auditing – Winona

For the October 18-19, 2018 Outstate MNDTC:

  •  Nominations – Zumbrota
  • Resolutions – Arlington
  • Auditing – Belle Plaine