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Constitution and By-Laws of the Minnesota District Teachers’ Conference

(revised October 2005)

Article I – Name The name of this organization shall be: Minnesota District Lutheran Teachers’ Conference (Wisconsin Synod).

Article II – Purpose The purpose of this conference shall be the mutual encouragement in the furthering of sound Christian education through discussions of problems and the presentations of papers and lessons at meetings to be determined by the Conference from time to time.

Article III – Membership All teachers and professors of the Minnesota District, Wisconsin Synod, are automatically members of this Conference; pastors, ordained professors of the Minnesota District, and Wisconsin Synod teachers of other districts may become members by application and acceptance by a majority vote of the Conference.

Article IV – Elected Officials The officers of this Conference shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary- Treasurer. They shall have such duties as are usual for such positions. The officers are to be elected for terms of two years, and they may succeed themselves. They shall begin their terms of office at the close of the session following their election.

There shall be a Program Committee consisting of 6 members who shall be elected for terms of 3 years.*

In the event of any vacancy in the Conference, the President shall be empowered to fill such unexpired term by appointment.**

*One third of the membership of this committee is to be elected each year. The Vice-President shall be the Chairman of the Program Committee. The Conference President and Secretary-Treasurer shall be members of the Program Committee.

**One of the teachers elected to the Program Committee should be in Early Childhood Education to represent those growing needs.

Article V – Meetings The Conference shall meet annually in the fall for a two-day session on the third Thursday and Friday of October.

Article VI – Amendments The articles may be amended by concurrence of two-thirds of the members present at any regular meeting.


  1. Mode of Elections The Conference shall appoint a Nominating Committee from a district school whose duty it shall be to present a slate of candidates for the offices to be filled. The Conference shall have the right to add names to the list. The election shall be by a ballot. The candidate receiving the majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected.
  2. Dues The annual dues shall be determined by the Program Committee.
  3. Conference Expenses  All legitimate expenses for the Conference shall be paid from the Conference Treasury by the Treasurer. Legitimate expenses are those which pertain to materials and mailings of the program, correspondence, telephone calls, any extra mileage expense in carrying out Conference duties, costs for duplication of papers, and traveling expenses, at present Synod rate, for any speaker or essayist who is not a member of the Conference.
  4. Resolutions Committee The Chairman shall appoint, for each Conference, a Resolutions Committee consisting of two members. This committee shall draw up routine resolutions for thanking hosts, etc., and any other resolutions asked for by the body.
  5. Conference Site The Program Committee shall be responsible for selecting the conference site.
  6. Auditing Committee The Chairman shall appoint for each Conference an Auditing Committee consisting of two members. This Committee shall audit the Treasurer’s books each year during the Conference.
  7. Copies of the Constitution Copies of this Constitution shall be made available at each Conference meeting. New copies shall be issued as needed or required by changes in the Constitution.
  8. Attendance The Program Committee encourages all teachers that are members of the conference to attend the conference for the professional growth and fellowship with peers.