Host Responsibilities

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Host School Responsibilities

You know your site well and need no further directions. Walk through the entire conference process and schedule as a first-time visitor and ask yourself, “What would help me attend this conference more smoothly?”

Consider asking smaller LES’s in the area (who because of size may never host the conference) to assist in one or more of the following tasks.

By January:

  •  Provide softcopy list of links to hotel/motels to website coordinator (see past conference “Accommodations” on the website)

By August/September:

  •  Communicate with presenters on room needs (see Program Committee chair to provide email list)

By October:

  •  Assign rooms to presenters, presentations, NPH & other displays (consider registration # per session)

By Conference:

  •  Prepare worship opportunities, including bulletin, theme, special music
    • Communion Service, including organist, liturgist, preacher, communion (consider more tables with fewer people each), ushers
    • Devotion(s), including keyboardist, chaplain
    • Closing devotion/service, including keyboardist, chaplain, choir
    • Provide for Thursday meal
    • Provide healthy refreshments for break times, always including water
    • Provide/point to entertainment Thursday evening

By Thursday morning:

  •  Provide Registration Table and attendant(s)
  • Assemble 250 folders (300 folders in odd years), including:
    • writing tool(s), paper or pad, school or room map
    • agenda (from website)
    • election ballot (from nominations committee)
    • district or synod inserts (to be mailed directly)
    • area information or entertainment
    • worship folder
  • Provide name tags (badges from previous year, printout sheets from ??)


  •  Keep record/receipts of costs to turn in to MNDTC treasurer