Addictions and the Child of God: Personal, Peer, and Pastoral Implications

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Prof. Em. Alan Siggelkow, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, WI

After serving in the parish ministry and as a Professor at the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, WI, he now serves as the chairman of the WELS Committee on Mental Health Needs. He also works for Christian Family Counseling, a division of Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Services. Everyone is talking about people being addicted to this and that and the other thing. We use the word “addictions” a lot. What does it really mean from the stand point of Scripture to be addicted to something? What are the secular definitions of addiction? What is the difference between an abuse of a blessing of God and an addiction to that blessing of God? We will consider what God’s Word has to say about abuse and addictions. Then we will concentrate on alcohol, internet, and social media addictions as they impact us as children of God, and as we strive to help our fellow-believers in their struggles with addictions.

Presented at the Church Leader’s Workshop held at Trinity, Belle Plaine, MN, March 3, 2012.