Duties of District Officers

District President

“The president shall be responsible for the supervision of doctrine and practice within the district. The president shall represent the district, shall supervise the execution of its resolutions and shall sign all documents issuing from the district. The president shall provide for the ordination of such candidates for the ministry who shall have graduated from the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary or such who shall have otherwise qualified and who shall have received and accepted a call from within the confines of the district. He shall also authorize the installation of other pastors and of male teachers called by congregations within the district. He shall issue letters of transfer to such pastors and male teachers as shall enter another church body in fellowship with the synod. The president shall supervise the work of the district circuit pastors. With the concurrence of the other district officers, the president shall fill vacancies in the office of secretary and second vice president. He shall also fill vacancies on all boards and committees of the district. The president and vice presidents shall fill vacancies in the office of the circuit pastor. All appointments made are for the remainder of the unexpired term. With the concurrence of the two vice presidents, the president shall have the right to suspend a synod member from the synodical membership. Unless an appeal is pending, he shall submit a complete report of his action to the district at its next convention. With the consent of the vice presidents, the president may call a special convention of the district or change the time and place of a convention. At each regular convention of the district the president shall submit a written report on the activities of his office during the past biennium.” (District Constitution, Article VII, Section 1)

District Vice President(s)

“The vice presidents shall carry out such assignments the president may assign or are prescribed in this constitution. The first vice president shall take the place of the president whenever the latter shall be prevented from discharging his duties, and in the case of a vacancy in the office of the president, shall serve as president until the next convention. He shall also oversee special support provided for pastors and teachers and their widows and orphans who are in need of such assistance. In the case of a vacancy in the office of first vice president, the second vice president shall serve as first vice president until the next convention. Vice presidents shall not serve as circuit pastors.” (District Constitution, Article VII, Section 2)

District Secretary

“The secretary shall record the minutes of the convention and, with the concurrence of the president and according to the instructions of the district, prepare a report thereon for publication. The secretary shall sign all documents issuing from the district, shall keep a list of all congregations, pastors and male teachers who are members of the district, shall announce all district conventions in Forward in Christ not less than six weeks prior to their convening and with the consent of the president may appoint such assistants as may be necessary to perform his duties.” (District Constitution, Article VII, Section 3)