Congregational Planning

Putting Plans Into Practice

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Rev. Don Sutton, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, New Ulm, MN

Planning is important. Without planning that creates a vision and sets a course by which to achieve the vision, action may be misdirected and for nothing. But planning without implementation may also be a waste since it creates few if any results. With this in mind, this workshop takes a quick look at the importance and processes of planning, followed by a longer look at putting plans into practice.

Powerpoint File Congregational Planning (3775 kb)
Powerpoint File Congregational Planning (376 kb)
PDF Document Congregational Planning Tools (571 kb)
PDF Document Council Priorities (66 kb)
PDF Document Ministry Review and Prioritization (120 kb)
PDF Document Ministry Review-Discontinued Programs (64 kb)
PDF Document Ministry Review-New Programs (64 kb)
PDF Document Strategic Planning Time-Line (460 kb)
PDF Document Traction (697 kb)
PDF Document Vision Document Optimizer (385 kb)

Presented at the Church Leader’s Workshop held at Trinity, Belle Plaine, MN, March 3, 2012.