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2022 Minnesota District Convention

The Minnesota District will meet in convention at Martin Luther College on June 7-9, 2022. Documents will be posted here.

Online registration has closed. You may still register in person on June 7.

Download the General Information page.

Download the Agenda.

Download the Committee Assignments.

Committee Room Assignments


Nominating Committee - Biographies of Nominees

Called Workers eligible for office in the MN District

Election Results

District President: Pastor Dennis Klatt

First VP: Pastor Wayne Schoch

Second VP: Pastor Mathew Pfeifer

Secretary: Pastor Eugene DeVries

Convention Minutes

Approved Minutes

2022 Convention Shared Folder

Access the Convention Shared Folder.

Convention Committee Reports

Committee 1 - Credentials and Membership

Committee 2 - Registration

Committee 4 - Resolutions

Committee 5 - Elections

Committee 7 - Home Missions

Committee 8 - World Missions

Committee 9 - Ministerial Education

Committee 10 - Congregational and District Ministry

Committee 11 - Ministry Support

Committee 13 - Excuses

WELS Report to the Twelve Districts

Report to the Twelve Districts (RTTD)

Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentation Slides

Informational Handouts

Christian Family Solutions

Christian Aid and Relief

Wartburg Project (EHV translation)

Informational Video

Northwestern Publishing House video (11:55)

WELS Christian Aid and Relief video (4:48)

Christian Family Solutions video (3:55)

WELS Congregational Services (19:37)

Martin Luther College (9:31)

Wisconsin Lutheran College (2:13)

Informational Powerpoint

Ministry of Christian Giving

World Missions

Home Missions Presentation

District President Report

District President's Report (Word format)

School Reports

West Lutheran High School

Luther Preparatory School

Wisconsin Lutheran College

Saint Croix Lutheran Academy

Synod Reports

WELS Church Extension Fund

Northwestern Publishing House

Home Missions - 100 missions in 10 years

Home Missions - Overview

World Missions

Campus Ministry

WELS Commission on Evangelism

District Committee Reports

District Schools Coordinator

District Worship Committee

District Worship Committee Slides

Legislation Committee

Special Ministries

District Mission Board

Nominating Committee - nominees needed.

Nominating Committee - 2022 Slate of Nominations

Nominating Committee - MN delegates to next Synod Convention

District Constitution Committee